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Framed Test Print of CHAMP DE COULEUR 1 Limited Edition Art Print

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This piece is the original test print of "Champ De Couleur 1." This first work in the collection is an interplay of colors and geometry. "Champ De Couleur 1" skillfully captures the ephemeral beauty of overlapping shades of complementary color. Created by artist Christiane Lemieux, this framed print will be signed and numbered. A certificate of authenticity will also be included.

Details + Dimensions


Printed on German Etching paper with Full Bleed Deckled Edge


Large: 42" x 56" / Overall Framed dimensions:45” x 59”

Additional Information

This framed art is the original test print of "Champ De Couleur 1" - It will still be signed and numbered as such. It has been float mounted and beautifully framed, "shadowbox style" without an acrylic cover. This framing style shows no glare when photographed and really lets the artwork shine! Available for local pickup or inquire about delivery.