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Framed Test Print of La Brume Limited Edition Art Print

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This piece is the original test print of "La Brume." Mysterious and saturated, this abstract artwork invites you into a world of ethereal beauty and imagination. Crafted using gouache and oil stick, has the artist's distinctive signature, a unique numbering and COA, guaranteeing its exclusivity and authenticity. "La Brume" transports viewers to a space where soft mists and moody hues converge, creating a sense of dreamlike density. With its masterful use of materials, this piece is a testament to the artist's skill and Vision. Collectors seeking a blend of abstraction and mystique will be drawn to "La Brume," a beautiful addition to any art collection. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of this remarkable edition before it's gone forever.

Details + Dimensions


Printed on German Etching paper with Full Bleed Deckled Edge


Large: 42" x 56" / Overall Framed dimensions:45” x 59”

Additional Information

This framed art is the original test print of "La Brume," - It will still be signed and numbered as such. It has been float mounted and beautifully framed with a matte black molding, "shadowbox style" without an acrylic cover. This framing style shows no glare when photographed and really lets the artwork shine! Available for local pickup or inquire about delivery.